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January Reading

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans, chapters 9 through 16. The Gospel According to Mark, chapters 2 through 4. I and II Thessalonians Colossians James Proverbs, chapter 31 Psalm 139

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December Answers

All people have sinned. All who place their faith in Jesus Christ.  Luke 3:3;  Mark 1:4;  Romans 3:22-26 The Spirit of God makes one a child of God;  led by Him. Characteristics of people that don’t have the Spirit. They should … Continue reading

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December Questions

In the letter to the Romans, who does Paul say has sinned? Who is able to receive the remission of their sins? Why must you have the Spirit of Christ? What is an emphasis in Jude’s letter? In Matthew chapter … Continue reading

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